What You’re Forgetting When Decluttering Your Home

decluttering your home

Nothing ruins the feel and comfort of a home more than unnecessary clutter. It can make you feel as though you are drowning and keep you from wanting to come home at all. You might not realize it but there is one thing that you are missing when you tackle decluttering your home and knowing could change the way you tidy forever.

The One Thing You’re Forgetting To Do When You Declutter

We’ve been cleaning out our basement and storage room to make space for family coming to stay with us (nothing motivates you like a deadline, right?).

Honestly, I love it. I love organizing our stuff and even better, finding things to get rid of! Every time we give away or sell things we don’t need, I feel like a weight has lifted off of me…READ MORE HERE…

If you need even more help decluttering your home, give us a call. Valet Storage can come right to your door and pick up anything you would like to have put into Toronto storage.

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