Toronto Storage: Storing Seasonal Items

storing seasonal itemsSome of the best times of year come with the most baggage and that’s a fact. Just think about it for a moment, how much holiday stuff alone do you have hanging around the house just taking up space? Probably a ton. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up some of that space?

Here at Valet Storage we are all about making your life less cluttered. If there is one thing that can make any stressful time in life worse, it’s a messy house that you feel you can’t even breathe in. If that sounds like you, or you just want some of your junk put somewhere you don’t have to look at it, it’s time to give us a call.

Here is what we will do for you:

  • Our professional movers will come to your home and load all of your belongings onto the truck for you. You never have to lift a thing.
  • We will drive the truck right to your storage locker in our secure facility.
  • Not only will we unload your items, we will also catalogue them for easy retrieval.
  • We will bring whatever you need back to you whenever you need it. You never have to come to your storage locker personally if you don’t want to.

If storing seasonal items in Toronto storage sounds like a good solution to your clutter problems, consider storing these types of items:

Patio furniture

This is actually better for your furniture. Leaving it sitting out on the patio all day every day during the winter can really take a lot of years off of your furniture and who has space for all that in their garage?


If you do any kind of surfing you know what kind of space this can take up in your home, especially if you are talking about windsurfing, which has so much more to it than just a small board.

Holiday décor

Chances are good that no matter what holiday’s you celebrate you have some decorations. Even if they fit nicely into boxes, those boxes can take up an awful lot of space in your house that you could be using for something else.


If you don’t use your ATV in the winter months, and since you don’t use your snowmobile in the summer, it doesn’t make sense for you to store them anywhere on your property when not in use. This is especially true if you own more than one. It is far smarter to get a decent sized storage locker to store it in where it will be protected from the elements as well as safe and secure from thieves.

These are just a few of the seasonal items you can store in one of our Toronto storage units. Remember, no other company offers the full service treatment like we do and we do it all while staying affordable. So, the next time you think you might need a storage unit give us a call. We are here to book an appointment or answer any questions that you have.