Top 5 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Ideas

We’ve been seeing a ton of super cool kitchen storage ideas online lately and they are so mind-bending we felt we just had to share some of the handiest of them with you. There is a good chance you could use at least one of these kitchen storage tips so be ready to bookmark this page or take notes!

5 ingenious kitchen storage ideas:

kitchen storage ideas

These slide out racks are perfect for storing your pots and pans. They never get jumbled and you will always be able to get to the one you need when you need it. Can you even imagine?

BONUS tip: Store the lids right on the pot/pan handles like in the picture and never have to go through 20 lids to find the one you need!

kitchen storage hack

This kitchen storage hack is so much more than that. You can purchase something like this already built or you and make it yourself. This leaves your counter clear, the dishes sitting to dry properly and all without making a mess. It’s clean water that’s dripping after all.

kitchen drawer storage idea

Just about every sink in a kitchen has those skinny little things that look like drawers but that don’t open. What a waste! This is a great kitchen storage solution that is cheap and so useful. Just think how much neater everything will look like around your kitchen sink when you can put the little things away like this.

kitchen storage solution

This is one of the best kitchen storage ideas. Period. Ironing boards are always in the way, they’re big and bulky. This ingenious storage solution solves that problem and keeps it clean at the same time. It’s perfect!

This little shelf can be used in a number of different ways. It’s one of the smartest storage solutions for the pantry and so easy and again, so cheap. There is always so much space wasted in pantries and cupboards, but not when you use something like this. You can even make one with ease if you are so inclined.

Be sure to remember these kitchen storage ideas the next time you are feeling stressed about your kitchen, they can help!

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