The Best Pantry Storage Ideas

Pantries are a pain, there is no getting around it. You use things from it daily which means it’s easy to have it looking cluttered and messy. Today is the day all that changes for you, these are the best pantry storage ideas around and they are easy and affordable to implement.

Top 5 best pantry storage ideas:

pantry storage ideas

Alternatives to built in shelving

Not all kitchens come with enough built in shelving, if you want to add some shelving for your pantry items consider stand alone units. If you’re crafty you can build them yourself or pick some up at a store like IKEA or even an online one. These look great and can provide you the storage space needed to keep things organized in your pantry.

best pantry storage

Pantry shelf separators

One of the best ways to keep things in their place when it comes to pantry storage is with shelf separators. There are many different forms of these handy storage tools, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding ones that suit your individual needs.

best pantry storage ideas

Paint your pantry a bright color

Okay, this tip doesn’t exactly have to do with storage but it will affect the way you feel about your pantry and it’s storage. Painting your dark pantry a bright, lively color makes it feel fresh and happy. It could even help get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

wire baskets pantry storage ideas

Wire baskets

Pull out wire baskets are popular in modern pantries for a reason, they are a powerful way for you to keep your items in place and easy to find. They pull out for convenience and since they are made of wire, they don’t cause produce to sweat and you can always see what’s in them.

top 5 pantry storage ideas

Pull out shelves

These are similar to the wire drawers but can be even handier. As you can see from the image above, you can even use these to store your dishes, freeing up space in other cupboards.

As you can see these are some of the best pantry storage ideas. They are easy and affordable and will change the way you feel about your kitchen.

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