Storage Unit in Toronto: Stashing Your Stuff

storage unit in torontoThere are all kinds of different reasons for you to choose a storage unit in Toronto.

Perhaps you are trying to sell your home and you need a place to put your things while you have the home staged, maybe you are dealing with a death in the family and you aren’t ready to part with things or maybe you just need more space in your home.

Regardless of the purpose of your storage unit in Toronto, it is important you know how to organize it.

Now, if you choose Valet Storage, you won’t have to ever step foot in your unit but if you want to be able to come and go as you please it is important that you have things organized. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get to anything and there is no point to a storage locker if you can’t actually get to your stuff now is there?

Some of the details you need to know before you choose a storage unit in Toronto are:

Size of the unit

This can vary greatly. Valet Storage, for example, has many different sizes for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Rental costs

This too can vary but when you choose Valet Storage you know you are getting a competitive rate for extra services that other companies don’t provide.


Depending on what you are storing, this can be important. If you are storing a printer, for example, you need to have a temperature controlled unit in order to keep the ink from drying out and freezing.

Distance from your vehicle to the unit

This is something many people don’t even think about but it can be important, especially if you are going to be storing large, heavy items. Though again, if you choose us you don’t have to worry about these types of things unless you want to. We are more than happy to take things to and from the storage unit for you.

Now that you have chosen the right storage facility for you, it is time to learn how to organize your storage unit in Toronto.

Organizing your storage unit

  • Create lanes with all the box labels facing out where you will be able to see them with ease.
  • Don’t stack boxes so high that it can be dangerous getting things out.
  • Have a quality lock for your unit.
  • Get the manager’s contact information in case you need it down the line.
  • Understand the agreement.

Keep all this in mind when you are getting a storage unit in Toronto and you will see the whole process go smoothly.