Storage Space Ideas For A Tiny House

tiny house storage space
There are small homes and then there are truly tiny homes and if you live in the latter or are thinking about it, you have to read the article below. Most people find it hard to find enough storage space in a regular sized home but if you are living in a tiny house, well, then you need to get seriously creative.

There are some basic steps you can take to ensure you have plenty of storage space even in your tiny house. Some ideas are DIY ones that you can build or set up cheap while others out there will require you spend a little more money. Either way, it’s worth it. Nothing is more important than storage space. Think about it, if not for everything having its place, your tiny house would be a disaster zone and there’d be no room left for you!

17 super clever storage ideas for your tiny house

If you’re thinking about downsizing to a tiny home, there’s probably something you cannot take out of your mind: What do I do with all my stuff and where do I store it? Even if getting rid of whatever you don’t really need is an essential part of the tiny home movement, you always need at least a little bit of space to store your belongings, even if they’re just a few!…READ MORE HERE…

If you still don’t feel you have enough storage space in your tiny house, you can always turn to Valet Storage if you live in the Greater Toronto Area. We can help you no matter how large or small your storage needs are and we can do it affordably. We also offer services that those other guys don’t such as courier service and an inventory system.

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