Storage Solutions: Organizing and Decluttering

organizing and decluttering mudroom

Figuring out what area of your home to start your organizing and decluttering tasks can be a challenge. Why not start with the first part of the home your visitors see? The entryway or mudroom? This way you know everyone’s first impression will be a good one, and after all aren’t they the most important ones?

Tips to start organizing and decluttering your mudroom:

Organized Home Challenge – Mudroom & Entryway Organization

When you, your family members and guests walk into your home everyone typically has lots of stuff with them, from coats, hats, purses, book bags, today’s mail, etc.

That means the entrance — the first place your family and friends see when they come into your home — can easily turn into a dumping ground for stuff and junk…READ MORE HERE…

If you are in need of some storage space outside the home, whether it is for a short period of time or a long one, give Valet Storage a call. We can help you solve your biggest organizing and decluttering problems, even if they go well beyond the mudroom, by taking everything away to storage for you.

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