Storage Solutions: Keys To The Best Home Decor

best home decor tricks

If you are sick and tired of looking at cluttered and ugly looking shelves in your home you will want to read this article. These storage solutions are simple, cheap and they look great. They are literally the keys to the best home decor.

You might not want to face it but cluttered shelves look bad. Really, really bad. You want your home to look streamlined and cool, not messy and gross.

They key is to have both horizontal lines and vertical ones, not just one or the other. This is how you keep things interesting to the eye. While we all want convenience we don’t want to sacrifice style when it comes to the best home decor.

Simple trick to best home decor

The concept is simple and it’s called “breaking planes.” To keep your decor looking as interesting as possible you want a combination of planes. Get them working together and your home decor will be anything but boring. People will notice and that will make you feel good about your home, which let’s face it, is always nice.

Let’s look at books for example. If you have them all laying the same way that’s boring. You want to break those planes so why not try having some books on end and some laying down. Punctuate that with some objects used as bookends and you have a super stylish decor look that your friends are going to want to copy.

Look at it like this. You are creating a pattern and then interrupting it. You have flat book, flat book, flat book, omg look an upright one! Okay, that might not sound super exciting but to your eyes it is. With a decorative object on top of the stack of books, you are set. That makes the arrangement instantly more interesting.

See, simple, right? This is one of the easiest storage solutions for creating the best home decor. Try it, you’ll see.

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