Storage Solutions: How Much Stuff Is Too Much

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If you are anything like most people you might sometimes feel you have too much stuff and other times feel like you just don’t have all the things you truly need. It’s a conundrum that keeps so many people endlessly confused. It’s especially frustrating when you are trying to find good decluttering ideas and storage solutions for the items you already have.

We found a great article that will help you determine how much stuff is really too much stuff. You can then apply some top-notch decluttering ideas and find the best storage solutions for your home.

How Much Is Too Much? (my 2-part formula)

No, I most likely won’t have the perfect or right or best answer for how many pairs of shoes you should own, how many toys you should allow your children, or how many cookbooks to keep on your shelf.

HOWEVER, I do have a very simple 2-part “formula” of sorts that might just help you think through your stuff a bit more… and determine (for yourself) exactly “how much is too much”…READ MORE HERE…

If you have determined that you really do have too much stuff for simple decluttering then we have the perfect storage solutions for you at Valet Storage. We will come to your home and pick up whatever you want to put into storage and we will keep it in our indoor, temperature controlled facility for as long as you need us too, even if it’s just a week.

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