Storage Solutions: 39 Kitchen Island Ideas

storage solutions kitchen island

Most modern kitchens have some sort of island in them these days and even if your home doesn’t have one, they are easy to add. If you have always wanted to make the most of the space in your kitchen an island is a powerful way to do it. It gives you more counter space to work as well as provide a ton of great storage solutions.

Here are 39 ideas you can use to make the most of the space in your kitchen:

39 Kitchen Island Ideas With Storage

A kitchen island is a necessary part of any kitchen as all the cooking and washing processes happen here. Moreover, kitchen islands are number one storage in any kitchen because they are always big enough to accommodate everything you want: dishes, food, books…READ MORE HERE…

If you have too much stuff even for a large kitchen island to handle it might be time to look into larger storage solutions. Have you considered getting a storage unit? It is a great way to store the items you are not yet ready to part with permanently. Give Valet Storage a call and let us show you can we can help.