Storage Solution: The Basics Of Decluttering

decluttering basics

If you’ve been finding yourself overwhelmed at just the thought of organizing your home, the easiest way to start is by going back to the basics of decluttering. The best storage solutions and decluttering tips are simple ones that you can apply to any room in your house.

Choosing what to get rid of what to store where can come with all kinds of complicated feelings so it’s easy to get put off by the idea of getting things organized through good decluttering. Don’t fret though, you are definitely not alone and we have some solid tips and advice that you can start using as storage solutions and decluttering techniques right now.

The basics of decluttering:

Know why you are doing this

Think about why you have decided to tackle the clutter in your home. Do you want more space? Do you want to have a home you are proud to show off to friends? And perhaps you want to be able to find what you are looking for when you need it. Keep these thoughts in mind as they will give you the purpose you need to push through the painful bits.

Set a game plan

It’s great to find a storage solution for each item but there are bound to be some things you don’t need anymore. They are maybe old and ratty or maybe it’s an item that doesn’t work properly anymore. Don’t hang onto things you don’t need, they just waste space and keep things looking cluttered and messy.

Start with the easy bits

Start with areas that will be easy to sort and organize. Look at your knick knacks, do you still like them? What about the drawer that has been collecting junk for years? Start by getting rid of the easy stuff, then once you get to the harder items you will already be feeling good about your progress.

Get rid of duplicates

If you have a bunch of the same type of item for no good reason, get rid of them. You only need one can opener for example, why have three? Again, they are just taking up space and making things look messy.

Your home is a place of joy, or at least it should be. You need to be able to relax and kick back at home and it’s hard to do that when it’s a clutter pile of garbage. Keep these basics of decluttering in mind and you will find storage solutions a lot easier to come by.