Planning A Move: Use Garbage Bags For Moving

moving with garbage bagsOne of the most important considerations when planning a move is the cost. If you are looking to save money on your move, you might want to forgo moving boxes and consider learning to use garbage bags for moving.

Garbage bags are pretty much made for moving. They are cheap, which makes them perfect for college students, they are flexible, strong and can hold a ton of stuff. Not to mention how easy they are to pack around.

Commonly asked questions about moving with garbage bags:

Is it okay to use them?

Yes and no. Of course, you can use them for packing up your softer items like stuffed animals or clothing but when it comes fragile items with hard corners, like electronics, for example, you might want to skip the bag.

Sharp corners can rip through the bags and cause your pricey items to fall out damaging them.

Simply make a list of the things you need to pack and decide which is safe to transport in bags and which will do better being packed on its own or in boxes.

What kind of garbage bags for moving should I buy?

Planning a move means planning everything down to the smallest details. If you are going to use garbage bags for moving you need to choose the best ones. You are trusting your items to these bags so you need to know they aren’t going to break.

There are many brands out there to choose from and your budget might have an impact. If cost is not an issue, look for ones with reinforced bottoms as they are less likely to break on you even with heavier items.

To simplify the process even more consider getting clear plastic bags. This will make it even easier to know exactly what is in each bag.

What can I pack in garbage bags?

Chances are you don’t want to pack your favourite crystal in these bags but that still leaves plenty to pack up in garbage bags.

Toys, non-fragile knick knacks, clothing, sheets, pillows and anything else not fragile will easily fit into these bags without worry.

Follow these tips about moving with garbage bags and you will find this is one of the more affordable and easy moves you’ve ever managed.

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