Moving Tips For Downsizing

tips for downsizingUgh. Moving sucks when you are moving to a larger place, but when you are downsizing to a smaller one it can feel impossible. Especially if you are not making any use of Toronto storage.

Most of us are going to find ourselves downsizing at some point or another and to do it successfully with as little stress as possible means doing a little homework. But just a little because we found the perfect article to help you at this challenging time.

Read on to learn some great tips and tricks to moving to a smaller place:

Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Space

It seems more likely these days to hear of people downsizing their homes than to hear of companies downsizing businesses — and the connotations are getting more and more positive. Moving away from a large house, where maintenance is expensive and stuff seems to magically accumulate in the black hole of the basement, can be a really good thing, but getting from here to there is not so easy. How do you decide what to bring with you and what to leave behind? How and where can you sell all of your excess stuff? And how can you find a smaller place that still meets your needs?…READ MORE HERE…

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