Moving Into A New Home & Settling In

Moving into a new home is like starting an art project on a blank canvas. You have endless options and this in itself can be overwhelming and why when you are moving into a new house you need to know what to take care of first to make it really feel like home.

The following settling in tips are ones you can put to use right away, the very day you move in. They will help you feel comfortable in your new house and give it that cozy lived in feel that it might be missing at first.

How to move into a new home and settle in:

settling into a new home

Make your bed

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make your home feel cozy. Nothing is more soothing than bed and having a nice clean, well-made bed to crawl into at the end of the day is a powerful way to make it feel like home.

moving into a new home

Set up your lighting

Lighting sets the mood, tone and helps you show off the house. Set up some of your lamps in the rooms you will be in most at first and you will find it makes a big difference.

cleaning your new home and settling in

Get scrubbing

If the new home isn’t that clean, get to scrubbing, it will make everything look and feel better. It’s hard to really get settled into a place that grosses you out, so be sure you know what boxes you packed your cleaning supplies in and that they are handy when you get to the new place.

setting up bathroom new home

Set up the bathroom

We all spend time in the bathroom and it’s easy to make it feel like home. Just set up your toiletries, some towels, a bathmat, maybe a painting and you’re set. You will feel a lot better spending time in this room once it’s been set up.

getting pets settled in your new home

Get your pet settled

You want to make your bed so you feel comfy and at home so it’s a good idea to do the same for your pets. Set up their beds, their toys and take them for a walk around the new neighborhood so they can get used to all the new smells. This will really help them with settling in.

Keep these great tips in mind when moving into a new home and you will find yourself settling in, in no time flat.

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