Moving House In Toronto: Downsizing

moving house in toronto

Downsizing is a dream so many of us have but it can be difficult to achieve, even when trying to pare down for moving house in Toronto. That said, with some determination and know-how we can make it happen.

There are many upsides to doing it as well. Not only does it simplify the look and feel of your home, it can save you a bundle when moving house in Toronto. Just think of all the boxes you won’t have to pay movers to move, or lift and carry on your own. Sounds good right?

Read the following article for some great downsizing tips that you can use to take a lot of the stress and hard work out of downsizing.

Downsizing: How to Declutter with a Vengeance

Where has the time gone? We’re moving next week! Everybody panic!!! Just kidding, I’ll just panic over here by myself.

Austin finished his degree this month and landed a great job about an hour and a half away. He’s been commuting for a month and it’s no good. I know a lot of people manage long commutes for years, but it’s not for us…READ MORE HERE…

If there are some things you just aren’t ready to part with but want to get our of your home, call Valet Storage. We can come to your home and take your items away for you, saving you time and energy.

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