Moving House: How To Keep Pets Calm

keep pets calm moving houseNo matter how excited you may be about moving, chances are good your pets are not going to get the same thrill. Moving house is a stressful time for dogs and cats and that’s why you need to take steps to make the endeavour as stress free for your pets as possible.

People don’t realize that pets get stressed out just like people do and they don’t understand the intricacies of moving house the way we people do. That’s why you need to prepare in order to keep your pets calm during even the most frenzied move.

Tips to keep pets calm while moving house:

Move your pets last

While you are doing the moving keep your pets confined to one room or if you would rather, to their crates. Make sure they have food and water and if they are cats a litter box. This way you know they are safe from getting crushed by moving furniture and you are safe from tripping over them.

Moving your belongings into the new home before you move in your pets will serve multiple purposes including introducing familiar scents to the new home as well as keeping them safe from underfoot. There will be a lot of heavy furniture being moved as well as plenty of open doors for them to run out.

Buy stress relief medication

If your pet has anxiety problems you can discuss your options with your vet or you can get a natural remedy from the pet store. Products like pheromones can decrease stress and anxiety in animals and are a powerful way to keep pets calm while moving house.

Make their crate/room cozy

You don’t want to buy a new crate. You want to use the one they know and are comfortable in. If you are keeping them in a room instead, the same rules apply. Make sure there is plenty of food and water and don’t forget animals need to pee from time to time, even on moving day.

Once moved, choose a room

When your pets first move into a new home it can be overwhelming for the. Allow them to get used to one room first. Then after a couple of days they will be more comfortable and able to enjoy exploring their new home.

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