Mini Storage Toronto: Is That A Thing?

Generally when we think of self storage units we think of the big ones. You know the ones you can walk around in and set up shelving systems in? But not all are like that. In fact, the mini storage Toronto has is like a regular unit only smaller. These are the perfect size for most peoples needs and most don’t even know they exist!

Here are 5 great ways you can make use of the mini storage Toronto has to offer:

mini storage toronto1) Store valuables while you are away

This is a great idea that will keep your family heirlooms and other small valuables safe from theives no matter how long you leave town for.

2) Do you buy early Christmas and birthday presents?

If you do, a small storage locker is the perfect place to store the gifts. They will be safe and no one will be able to find them and spoil the surprise.

3) Store your off season clothing

Get some of those bags that suck all the air out and you can fit an astonishing amoung of clothes into a small space. This frees up closet space for things you are actually using.

4) Boxes of odds and ends

We all have some of these around, they can be filled with old work papers or keepsakes from the goodl old days. They can really add up and take away from the esthetics of your home. Putting them in a Valet Storage lockers will give you more room at home.

5) Margarita machine!

Okay, now not all of you have one of these but if you do you will know what I mean. Nothing is more fun than taking the margarita machine out of storage. It signals the beginning of summer, man!

All of those little things you have hanging around the house doing nothing but taking up space that you can’t bring yourself to throw out will fit great into the mini storage Toronto has.

If you need any kind of storage at all give Valet Storage a call and let us tell you how we can help you with all of your storage needs.