Killer Tips For Packing For Moving

packing for moving

Packing for moving or for storage needs some finessing. This isn’t something you want to slap together the night before the movers arrive to pick everything up.

The following tips will help you prepare for moving day. These tips make packing for moving or Toronto self storage a breeze. Just keep in mind, if you are elderly or infirm and do need help with the packing of your items into boxes just let us know. We will help you in whatever way is necessary, at Valet Storage it’s all about the customer experience and we work to make sure it’s a very stress-free kind of experience.

Here’s how to pack for moving or Toronto self storage

Choose the proper box

For every large box you need, you will need several smaller ones. One of the big mistakes many people make is getting boxes of all the same size. Use the smaller boxes for heavy items like dishes or books and the larger for lighter items such as bedding and linens.

Garbage bags get the job done but they aren’t as secure. The bags tear and if clothing is left in them for too long, mildew can form.  That said this is a handy trick for packing clothes.

Don’t pack boxes too full

No box should weight more than you can lift comfortably. There should be no bulges on either the tops or sides. This is important so that they remain stable even when packed into your unit.

They should also not be too empty because if they are, they could get crushed under the weight of other boxes.

Use good tape

When you close your boxes when packing for storage or for moving, you need to choose a good quality tape. This is important to the boxes maintaining their structure and keeps your items safe. Be sure to tape both the tops and bottoms of each box to ensure they stay strong.

Label your boxes

This is one of the most important tips on packing for moving. If you haven’t labelled the boxes and they all look the same, how will you know which goes where when it comes time to unpack. Or, if you are packing for Toronto self storage, if you want only one thing out, how will you find it?

For fragile items, it’s important it is clear which is the top and which is the bottom of the box or you could end up with a lot of broken glass and dishes.

Ensure furniture is wrapped and blanketed

This is something that Valet Storage will do for you at no cost. Other storage facilities will charge for each blanket on a monthly basis but we don’t. We know how important your items are to you and we treat them as if they were our own.

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