How To Move House With A Cat

moving house with a catIf there is one thing I know about cats it’s that they don’t like change. If it was up to them they would stay right where they are in familiar surroundings. Unfortunately for cats, sometimes their owners need to move and therefore so do they. This article will teach you how to move house with a cat the right way to eliminate unnecessary stress for your kitty and they work whether you are hiring a professional moving company or you are going the DIY route.

There are three pre-move actions you can take to help your cat get settled into their new home. Some of these will work even if you are just bringing a new cat into your existing home. These make it easy to move house with a cat.

Steps to moving house with a cat:

Get the cat used to the carrier

Give your cat some time to get used to his or her carrier. Just leave it sitting out with the door open so that the kitty can go and explore it. Add a comfy pad to it and there is more chance they will go in and have a nap.

It’s a good idea to place food in the carrier, treats if that will work best, you want them to get as comfortable with it as possible. If they don’t want to go in to eat, put the food next to the carrier and slowly move it closer to the entrance and then inside bit by bit.

Moving boxes

Put out your moving boxes a couple of weeks before you use them. This gives your cat time to adjust to the big boxes all over before you start rushing around filling them.

If you are concerned that your cat will hide in a box, you are moving heavy items or the process is simply making your cat nervous, consider putting them in a separate room while you are doing the busy work.

Skittish kitty?

If your cat is not adjusting to the preparation or is easily stressed you can talk to your vet about anti-anxiety drugs. This could make all the difference to your kitty and make it a lot easier to move house with a cat.

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