How To Declutter Your Garage In Steps

how to declutter your garage

How much time do you spend in your garage? You probably don’t think it’s much but you walk through there multiple times a day just to get to and from your car. That is why it is so important for you to declutter your garage the right way. Hopefully, this will help you keep the clutter from coming back.

Clutter messes with our minds. They don’t like it, it’s confusing and keeps you from being able to think as crisp and clear as you would probably like. There are countless books about how you can improve your entire wellbeing just by beating back the clutter in your life.

This article is going to help you do exactly that, declutter your garage once and for all.

Here is how to declutter your garage in 6 simple steps:

Store bicycles up high and out of the way of foot traffic– You can find clips and/or racks for this at any hardware store.

Hang your protective gear close to your bikes– This is a simple matter of convenience.

Keep your sports equipment organized in an orderly fashion– You can find many types of shelving made specially for sports equipment or build your own simple shelving.

Install a fold down table– You can use this for potting your plants or any other little job you need to get done in the garage. It folds up flush against the wall so it is never taking up space when you are not using it.

Buy stackable storage drawers– These come in all different sizes and can be used to store everything from your kids toys to your tools. Consider getting the clear ones so that you can see what is inside. It will make finding things a lot easier, especially if you don’t use this stuff on a regular basis.

Add a bench to your garage– This will give your family a place to sit as they put on their sports gear.

These simple tips will help you organize and declutter your garage for long haul and you won’t have to break the bank to do it.

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