How To Choose The Right Size Storage Unit

storage unit in torontoYou may not know this if you have never had a storage unit in Toronto before but they come in a variety of different sizes ranging from teeny tiny to very large. The one that you choose should be based on your current and future needs. That doesn’t mean you should get the largest one around, but keep in mind that as time passes you will probably have a few more things to add to the locker.

It is important that you choose the size that gives you enough space to not only store your items but enough space for you to move around in there as well. There is nothing worse or more exhausting than having to pull out everything you have in there just to get to the items at the very back. So plan ahead and if the time comes that you need more space, upgrade to a larger unit rather than cramming everything in there like sardines.

Ventilation is another thing to consider and yet one more reason for you to choose the right sized storage unit. You might also want to consider the fact that different boxes could mean things fitting better. Make sure you are aware of these sorts of things and you will have a much better relationship with your storage locker.

Here are some of the most common sized storage units in Toronto:


This is about the size of a small walk-in closet and is perfect for storing extra seasonal clothing or small valuables.


This is a good size for those who have just a few pieces of furniture to store in their storage locker. You will easily be able to fit in a couch or some chairs as well as things like your Christmas tree even if it is quite large.


Store beds, larger pieces of furniture as well as smaller items.


You will be able to fit everything from a small apartment in this size unit. Store everything from major appliances to furniture and summer patio furniture.


This will fit your whole house in it if you need it to as well as things like a motorcycle. This is a great size for commercial purposes.

These are just a few of the many sizes you can get when it comes to your own personal storage unit in Toronto but you can clearly see that regardless of your needs you can get what you are looking for in Toronto.

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