How To Build DIY Storage Shelving

diy basement garage shelves

If you need some DIY storage shelving whether for a shed, a basement or a garage you want to find the best how to guide. One that lays out all of the things you will need as well as how to actually go about turning the wood from boards into shelves. We have found the one guide you need to build DIY storage shelves with ease.

The following article will take you through the entire process of building DIY storage shelves from the planning, the buying of materials to the cutting and putting everything together. It’s far simpler to do that you might have thought and won’t even take you that long to complete.


DIY 2×4 Shelving for Garage or Basement

We have been in big need of some DIY 2×4 shelving. We got into the bad habit of the old “dump and forget”. You know the drill… “Where should we put this? I don’t know, put it in the basement.”.

“Putting stuff in the basement” is especially bad when it comes to my tools, parts, nails, screws, accessories, and all that. Mostly because they’re getting splayed out all over the floor. That means each trip to the basement is like walking through an obstacle course trying to find supplies to do a project. Which REALLY sucks when you’re trying to navigate the obstacle course carrying a pancake compressor, nail gun, and shop vac. Trip to the ER, anyone?…READ MORE HERE…

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