Home Staging Tips & Secrets From The Pros

home staging tips

Home staging is like art. You want to convey a message and a feeling, one that makes people of all types want to live there with their families. Really connecting with people is how you get them to spend the big bucks and get into a bidding war over your home. These home staging tips and secrets are going to help you achieve that goal and without as much work as you probably thought would be necessary.

These home staging tips come straight from the professionals and will get your home, no matter how large or small, looking it’s best. In fact, it might start looking so good you won’t want to leave! Kidding but only kind of.

Home Staging Tips For A Quick Sell

I am so excited to share an interview today that I got to do with Tori Toth, a New York City-based home staging expert! I have always found the process of selling and buying a home fascinating.

When looking online you can usually tell which homes have been staged for sale and which haven’t. My first experience with a stager occurred 3+ years ago when we sold our condo.

My realtor felt so strongly that a stager was integral to the process of selling a home that she personally paid for a stager to come to every one of her client’s homes before they put their home on the market.

I learned a lot from my stager about how to market my home to potential buyers and I’m excited to share Tori’s words of wisdom on the topic…READ MORE HERE…

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