Five Minute Decluttering Tips

decluttering tips

We have written extensively on decluttering tips and for good reason. They can literally change your life.

When your home is cluttered trying to get organized can be a challenge. For most, the hardest part is getting started. The good news is that decluttering does not have to be hard, in fact, you can declutter in five minute increments and get your home in tip top shape.

Here are some five minute decluttering tips that you can start using today:

Make a designated spot for papers

Papers make up a lot of the clutter in the average home. Most people put them in all kinds of places, which leads to…you guessed it: clutter. This also makes it much harder to find the papers you need when you need them.

Pick a spot in the home for your incoming papers and see how easy it is to keep them organized and clutter free.

Begin with a starting zone

Pick a spot in the house to start with. This can be a kitchen counter, a coffee table, it doesn’t matter. Just make a rule, only things in use can be there and stick to it. Then begin to expand your clean zone day by day until the whole house is clean.

Pick up 5 things and put them away

Look around the house and pick 5 things to put away, preferably from the same room as this will allow you to really see the changes you are making more quickly.

Visualize the room

Before you start on the work, take a few minutes to visualize that you want the room to look like. Then open your eyes, look around and really think about what does not belong in the room. Then get rid of it, just be sure to put it where it belongs. If there is not yet a designated place, make one.

Get a storage unit

Now that you have visualized the rooms in your home you may have realized there are things in your home that simply do not belong there. You may also not want to get rid of those items. That is where a Toronto storage unit comes in. This is one of the best decluttering tips around.

You will be able to store extra furniture or any seasonal items that are taking up space in your home.

Valet Storage offers many services that the other storage facilities do not. For example, we load and drive the truck for you and you never have to step foot in your storage unit. When you want something back, just let us know and we will bring it to you. Even if you have moved!

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