Essential Small Pantry Organizing Tips

pantry organization tips

Some would argue that having a small pantry is worse than having no pantry at all in part because trying to get everything to fit is a frustration all unto itself. What do you prioritize as being worthy of taking up the few tiny shelves you have, for example? Or do you only put your canned goods in it? Your dried ones? Having a good grasp on some of the best organizing tips can really help you out and these same tips are great for if you do happen to have no pantry.

Small pantry organizing: Where to start

A good idea is to start by taking stock of the number of shelves and cupboards that you can utilize as little mini pantries. Set one for your baking supplies, ones for your canned goods and another for things vegetables and the like. If you have spices you should seriously consider getting a spice rack as they pretty much organize themselves when you use one.

Next, you need to think about how to organize the baking and dried goods section. This is important because much of these items come in great big bags and you won’t be able to fit them all in the cupboard nor will you want to be pulling out a giant, heavy bag of sugar or flour from somewhere every time you want to use a cup of it.

small pantry organizing

The ideal containers

Look into getting some easy to stack or line up containers that you can put smaller, more manageable amounts into. Think of Rubbermaid type containers. They are usually square or rectangle which means they line up nice or stack up brilliantly without leaving any wasted space. These are heaven sent when it comes to small pantry organizing.

These usually come with great lids that snap on or clip on tight so you never have to worry about the damp getting in or worse, bugs. Ew bugs. They are even great for holding your cereal.

What you don’t want to get is those pretty jars that you see in so many fancy kitchens. They look great, don’t get me wrong, but what most people don’t think about until they go to use them is that they are awkward and not functional at all.

pantry organization

First of all, they are often round which means you are left with all kinds of wasted space in your small pantry. Second, the mouths of the jars are almost always too narrow to fit in a measuring cup which means you pretty much have to make a mess when trying to fill one with, say, flour.  It’s far better to choose something rectangle, this eliminates all of those sorts of problems leaving you with a neat and orderly pantry and no mess when you are baking.

Keep these simple small pantry organizing tips in mind when you are determining how to set up your kitchen and even if you have no pantry at all, you will be ahead of the game.

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