Easy And Important Home Staging Tips

home staging tips

House prices are high and if you expect to get top dollar for your home it better look the part. That means using some good home staging tips and Toronto storage.

Here are some of the most important and easy home staging tips you will ever read:

Get everything in tip-top shape

That means everything from the screens on the windows to the hardware on your cupboards. Consider having someone come in and take a look around to see what they notice.

You can hire a professional for this or you can just have some friends come in and pretend they are looking for a new home. As long as you get some second opinions you are on the right track because it is easy to miss things when you have been looking at them every single day for years.

Is your furniture taking up too much room?

This is a common problem. You want the furniture in the room to make everything look welcoming but you never want things to look cluttered. This is where having some money to burn can really come in handy.

If you can, consider buying new furniture that will show off the home to the best of its abilities. You can always put your current furniture into Toronto storage if you want to keep it.

Clean those kitchens and bathrooms

The Powers That Be didn’t make up the fact that the bathrooms and kitchens are the most important rooms in your house which is why this home staging tip is so important. It is vital that you scour each of these rooms carefully and thoroughly to make them sparkle and shine. This will go a long way towards showing that your home is worth the asking price for potential buyers.

Replace old cabinetry

If you have the cash then buying all new cabinetry for your kitchen is something worth considering. Outdated cupboards just suck money out of your asking price so replace them if they are old.

If you are working on a smaller budget, consider painting them cupboards and getting new hardware for them. This can make them look new again.

Get a good storage unit

Valet Storage has the best Toronto storage units not only for the units themselves for the full-service treatment. We have valet in our name for a reason. We do everything for you so that you never have to go to your storage locker in person. To learn more, give us a call today.

Keep these home staging tips in mind the next time you are preparing your home to sell and you will greatly up the odds of selling it quickly.