Downsizing Tips From The Pros

downsizing tipsIf you are thinking about downsizing or are in the process of it, you are going to need a little know-how. It’s not always as easy as just throwing things out. You need to determine what you can part with and what you will need to use down the road and that means knowing plenty of downsizing tips.

We found this great article from people who have been there. This will show you how others succeeded with downsizing tips and which ones will suit you and your life best.

How We Got Rid Of Half Our Stuff

We’re downsizing, in a big way. Going from a sprawling suburban apartment (okay, it’s 820 square feet) to cramped (but charming) place in the city means we’ve had to downsize. In order for our new space to not look cluttered, we need less furniture and less stuff. So we got rid of about half of it. Here’s how we did it…READ MORE HERE…

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