Desperately Needed Kitchen Organizing Tips

I titled this article Desperately Needed Kitchen Organizing Tips because, let’s face it, we all desperately need more of these types of tips. No matter how large a kitchen is, there is always some more ways to make it less cluttered and more efficient.

These kitchen organizing tips are simple, straightforward and will make a massive change to your kitchen and all without spending a ton of money on fancy organizers and shelving units. Those can cost a fortune and most of us simply don’t have that kind of money to burn.

Here are some cheap and easy kitchen storage ideas:

cheap kitchen storage ideas

Little things like these plastic organizers are a great way to create more kitchen storage on cupboard and pantry doors. Store small things like spices, packets of gravy or juice where they are easy to see and grab when you need to.

kitchen cereal storage tips

Containers like these are perfect for keeping your cereal fresh while minimizing the storage space they take up in the kitchen. You can find them super cheap at the dollar store.

stackable kitchen storage containers

Consider keeping things like pasta, rice and flour in stackable containers as it will maximize your storage space available in cupboards and pantries. You can even find labels that you can stick right onto them at the dollar store while you are shopping for them.

DIY pull out drawers

For just a few dollars you can create your own DIY pull out drawers for under the sink. These are perfect for storing just about anything but especially your sponges, cleaning detergents and extra kitchen towels.

wire baskets for veggies

It doesn’t get much cheaper than these types of wire baskets. They are perfect for storing your vegetables out of the way and best of all it gets them out of the plastic bags they come in. That’s important because the plastic can make them turn bad faster. Being exposed to open air will keep them fresher longer saving you money in the end.

These five tips are a great start in terms of kitchen organization tips. These storage ideas are affordable and easy, making them just right for just about any budget.

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