Declutter Your Whole Home In Under 1 week

declutter your whole home

We just came across this great article from someone who managed to declutter their whole home in less than one week. That’s pretty good time when you think about it. They give great detail on how they managed it all too, which is very helpful for the uninitiated.

Here’s how to declutter your whole home in less than a week:


Day One: The living room, main bathroom, and my bedroom closet.

Day Two: The kitchen (Lily and I spent hours cleaning and organizing our spice and baking shelves to create a workable system and it has been well worth the effort!).

Day Three: The girls’ bedroom and the holiday storage closet.

Day Four: The schoolroom.

Day Five: The rest of the master bedroom (which included everything except my closet), plus Nathan’s walk-in storage closet.

Day Six: The basement…READ MORE HERE…

Now that you know how to declutter your whole home fast you will be able to get a good start going. If, however, you need someplace to put some of your items because you are not ready to throw it all away or give it all away, give Valet Storage a call. We will come straight to your door and pick up whatever you want to put into Etobicoke storage. We actually service the whole GTA and our prices are highly competitive.

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