Declutter Your Home In 20 Days In 20 Ways

declutter your home toronto storage solutionWe come across a lot of great articles to share with you and even more ideas but this one takes the cake. Learn how to declutter your home in 20 different ways in 20 days. This is a great way to break down the work into manageable chunks. Just think, you will finally be able to breathe again with these handy storage solutions.

20 days, 20 ways to declutter your home

Your first task is to schedule an appointment with your space, says Kim Cosentino, professional organizer and owner of The De-Clutter Box, based in Westmont, Illinois. Most people never get around to clearing the clutter because their schedule is packed. So, just as you would schedule a regular checkup with your doctor, schedule an appointment with your home to begin organizing. Take two hours one morning and set that time aside to start getting things in order…READ MORE HERE…

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