Cheap Home Staging Ideas

cheap home staging ideas

You have probably wondered how much home staging ideas can affect the value of your property. The answer is a lot.

Research has shown that the sale of the average home could be increased by as much as 5% just for making use of some cheap home staging ideas. According to experts, 32% of buyersโ€™ agents believe that staged homes increase the dollar amount that homebuyers are willing to shell out for your home.

Here are the cheapest ways for you to increase the value of your home:

Detach yourself

The more the home looks like your home the less interested people will be in your property. With that in mind, consider putting some of your personal items in storage. Valet Storage has all different sized units to help you with this.

Here is what you should pack away:

  • Family photos
  • Memorabilia
  • Personal keepsakes

Have themed rooms?

You should change heavily themed rooms into neutral ones. This is more attractive to potential homebuyers as it will be easier for them to envision their own family living in your home. You want to leave space so that they can imagine where their own family photos and other keepsakes will go.

Leave closets half empty

This is an unusual home staging idea but a good one nonetheless. Everyone is looking for a home with plenty of storage space. By leaving the closets with some space it gives the impression that there more than enough space to store things. If the closets were full, it would give the impression of not enough space. This is a simple psychological trick that works like a dream.

Pack up 30% of each room

This includes furniture as well as anything else taking up space. By emptying the house by 30% you will be giving buyers the impression that the home is even more spacious than it is. This always plays well.

Rearrange furniture

Step back and take a good long look at each room individually and as a whole. Does the furniture have good flow? If not, then consider moving it around so that it does. This is free and easy and works like a charm.

Good self-storage in Toronto goes hand in hand with good staging. If you need to store some of your personal items or furniture be sure to give Valet Storage a call. We will provide you with all your packing materials for free and we even drive the truck.

Once you have moved, just tell us what you want back and we will deliver it right to your door. Self-storage in Toronto was never so easy or affordable.

To learn more or to set up an appointment, give us a call today.