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Now that the holidays have passed you are probably looking around at all the decorations and wondering what you will do with them all. Then there is the fact that with all your new swag, some of your old stuff will have to go in order to make room for the new. Well, Valet Storage can help with that. We offer the most convenient Toronto storage spaces and services.

Most affordable Toronto storage unit

How can a Toronto storage unit be convenient you ask? Simple, instead of you having to go to the unit after loading up a rented truck, we bring it to you and take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Think of us like movers, but for storage. In fact, we offer moving services as well, so if you are ever planning on moving house, we can help with that too!

Convenient packing services

If you are too busy to spend all the time needed packing your items to be put into storage, just let us know because we can take care of that for you as well. Our packing services are affordable and ultra convenient. See? There’s that word again! But it’s true. We offer a full range of services to take all the work out of getting Toronto storage spaces for you.

Valet Storage will even shrink wrap and blanket your furniture and breakables in order to keep them all 100 percent safe while they hang out in your new Toronto storage space. We do it all at no additional cost too while our competitors charge as much as $5 per blanket per month.

Our rates are guaranteed to never go up

Most importantly while those storage companies will up your monthly rates by as much as 15 percent in just the first six months, we will never raise your rates, even if you store your items for 10 years. This adds up to an enormous amount of savings on your part.

If you are looking for the most affordable and convenient Toronto storage spaces, Valet Storage is the way to go. If you would like to hear more about our unique storage and moving services or you are ready to book an appointment, give us a call at 1-888-670-6794. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Only Moving Checklist You Will Ever Need

Wondering if you have forgotten anything in the planning stages or your move or maybe you are still working on making a moving checklist? If so, this post is for you. With so many little things (and big ones!) to remember it can be frightening to think about the important points you could be missing.

The following infographic is the only moving checklist you will ever need in Toronto, or anywhere else you happen to live for that matter. You can take notes, bookmark this page or better yet, print it out!

moving checklist

If you need a moving company in the GTA to help you with moving house, look no further than Valet Storage. We offer competitive rates and we not only offer great moving services, we offer Toronto storage as well. We can help take at least one of the worries off of your moving checklist by giving you the best service for the best price.

To learn more about our Toronto storage and moving services or to book an appointment, give us a call today at 1-888-670-6794.

Why Not Choose Valet Toronto Self-Storage?

self-storage in toronto

Getting self-storage in Toronto can be extremely convenient. You have a place to store the items, both big and small, that you don’t want to donate or sell but you also don’t have room for in your home. But just because that aspect of the service is convenient doesn’t mean the entire process is.

It’s hard to think of many things more inconvenient than having to pack up your items, rent a truck, load the truck only to have to drive it all to another location where you can to unload it all. I mean, no one wants to deal with all of that but what choice do you have, right? WRONG!

When you choose Valet Storage you get all the perks of self-storage in Toronto without any of the work. That’s because we bring the unit right to your door and take care of all the heaving lifting for you. We can even fill your boxes with the items you want packed away if you need us to.

We then load up the unit and drive it to our indoor, temperature controlled facility so that you never have to get behind the wheel of a big truck you are not used to driving. We are hands down the most convenient storage company in the Greater Toronto Area with plenty of unique, one-of-a-kind services all at competitive prices.

We can help you with moving as well as packing and storage, so if you are planning a move, no matter where it’s to, give us a call and we can tell you all about our moving services.

If our self-storage in Toronto sounds like the kind of convenience you are looking for, give Valet Storage a call at 1-888-670-6794. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and fill you in with some more details of our services.

The Hidden Costs Of Moving House

hidden costs of moving house

Moving is more complicated than most people realize, this is especially true the longer it has been since you were last planning a move. It is vital that you understand everything that goes into moving house so that you can budget and plan accordingly.

The following article will help you to cover all your bases and make sure you have made sure everything is taken care of when you are planning a move.

The Hidden Costs Of Moving House

Moving, in theory, seems simple enough. You move your stuff from one place to another. However, as anyone who has moved recently can attest, there is a lot more to it than that.

It seems to me that those who haven’t moved in twenty years have forgotten all of the work in involved to not just move but to do it wisely. The costs of moving can add up quickly, and before you know it, you’ll want to throw all of your life savings out the window to make everything go away. However, for those of us who do not have the luxury of paying for others to do things that we could manage to do ourselves, there are options to make the experience more manageable…READ MORE HERE…

Valet Storage can help you with many of the tips in that article. We can help you pack as well as be your movers, we even offer Toronto storage. If you are planning a move and haven’t yet chosen a Toronto moving company, give us a call. We can answer all of your questions and set up an appointment for whatever date you need.

You can reach us at 1-888-670-6794. We look forward to hearing from you!

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Unwanted Clutter

toronto storage decluttering

Looking for new and improved ways to declutter your home with ease? That’s pretty much why we exist but if you need some organizing tips on top of top-notch Toronto storage you will want to keep reading.

How to get rid of household clutter:

Donate to local charities

Tons of charities operate thrift stores that allow you to donate anything from old dishes and clothing to kids toys and appliances. Knowing that the items you don’t want anymore go to a good cause feels pretty good plus it saves you some space in your Toronto storage unit. It might literally be one of the best organizing tips out there. Think about it, if it’s gone you don’t have to worry about organizing it anymore, do you?

Pass the items off to a friend

Your friends might have use for that garlic press you don’t use or that cookbook that you weren’t the biggest fan of. Just because you didn’t like it, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. The same goes for clothing that is in good condition. This is a good way to score some brownie points and declutter your home at the same time.

Consignment stores

If you have items that are worth some money but you simply don’t want them anymore, why pay to store them or look at the clutter when you can sell them? These stores often take jewelry and clothing that is in good condition. You can literally make hundreds of dollars just for making more space in your home.

Have a yard sale or garage sale

This is another fantastic way to declutter your home and save space in your Toronto storage. You don’t have to set up anything fancy, especially if it’s a garage sale. All you need is some tables.

Ebay and/or Craigslist

It only takes a few moments to list items on Ebay and Craigslist and you can find someone to buy just about anything on them. Take a bit to see what other people are selling their similar items for and just list your belongings. This is a great way to declutter your home and make a few extra bucks at the same time.

Toronto storage unit

If you are in the market for a storage unit give Valet Storage a call. We come straight to your home, load everything up and drive it to storage for you, saving you an enormous amount of work. Our rates are highly competitive as well.

To learn more about our special Toronto storage services or to book an appointment now, call us at 1-888-670-6794.

How To Stage An Empty House On A Budget

home staging on a budget empty house

Home staging is key to getting the most for the home you are selling, this is especially true of vacant homes. Unfortunately, if you don’t follow some simple steps you could pay a lot more to get the home staged than if it was a home that already had some items in it. The following article will teach you how to stage an empty house on a budget.

These home staging tips are simple and straightforward and will save you an enormous amount of money all while ensuring that you get top dollar for your house when you sell it.

How to stage an empty house on a budget

Staging an empty house is essential for home sellers. If your home isn’t furnished it  has a few benefits such as not worrying about moving out furniture and appliances. Although leaving an empty home comes with its own set of challenges as well. In order for prospective buyers to get a sense of the actual layout of the home, room sizes, and how the room will be used, you need to stage it with proper furniture and accessories, which of course can get pretty expensive. We point you these…READ MORE HERE…

If you are moving or in need of a Toronto storage unit, give Valet Storage a call. We can help and our rates are highly competitive. To learn more or to book an appointment, give us a call today at 1-888-670-6794.

Packing For Storage vs Moving

packing for moving vs storage

We often get asked how packing for storage is different than packing for moving house and the answer is there isn’t an enormous amount of difference between the two. There are, however, some key points you should know when it comes to packing for storage vs moving.

Three points for packing for storage vs moving:

ONE: This applies to both but it is important enough that we feel it bears repeating: Always pack efficiently and safely regardless of the reason you are moving things from one place to another. That means never overstuffing boxes or putting too many heavy things in the same box. The same is true for bags, you don’t want them to rip.

TWO: If you are packing for storage you might want to stay away from bags because you are storing them for some time whereas when moving you are only going to be leaving them in the bag for a short period. Plastic bags such as garbage bags tend to be more prone to mold and mildew which can lead to unpleasant smelling contents.

THREE: When loading up the truck you are going to use to transport your items to storage, whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone like Valet Storage to help you, you should pay attention to what goes in the truck last. Remember, this will be what is at the front of your storage unit. This could be important if you think you will want to visit your unit and get certain items such as seasonal decorations.

Now that you have a handle on packing for storage vs moving, you are ready to choose the company you will be using. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area you can give Valet Storage a call at 1-888-670-6794. We would be happy to answer any and all of your questions right over the phone.

Packing Tips For Moving Abroad

packing tips for moving abroad

If you are thinking of relocating to someplace far away there are certain things you need to take into consideration that wouldn’t be important if you were moving locally. You are going to have to read some good packing tips for moving abroad to make sure you cover all the important bases.

The following article has all the packing tips for moving abroad that you will need. It will tell you which documents you need to take as well as other key tips.

The Ultimate Long Term Packing List For Moving Abroad

You’ve done your research on your destination country, sealed a job (or at least have a solid lead) and now you’re ready to make the move! The next step is one of the more tedious steps: packing. As a whole, the packing process can be stressful to say the least. While some of the items that you will need in your host country will be available there, others may be difficult to find, or much more expensive to purchase abroad…READ MORE HERE…

Keep those packing tips for moving abroad handy, you don’t want to forget anything and if you need a place to store some items in Toronto while you are gone, give Valet Storage a call. We can store anything you want to keep for as long as you need us to.

To learn more about our one-of-a-kind services, call us at 1-888-670-6794.

These Moving Tips Change EVERYTHING

moving tips

If you are planning a move and are on the hunt for the very best moving tips, you will definitely want to read the following article. These tips make everything easier, from packing knives to screws.

When you read these moving tips you will most likely want to either print them out or take notes so be sure your printer is hooked up or you have a pen because these cannot be missed. For real.

Moving Day Just Got 100x Easier With These Simple Tips & Hacks

Dread your upcoming move all you want, but it’s going to happen. Make moving day less painful with this series of clever and easy tips and hacks that are simple, but will make the whole process faster and easier. And then maybe, just maybe, you won’t go insane after packing your 99th box, and will enjoy the first night in your new home…READ MORE HERE…

If you are still looking for the perfect Toronto moving company to help you after you have used these moving tips, give Valet Storage a call.

We will come to your house and pick up your items and then take them to our storage facility until you need them back. We help with regular storage as well, so if you are looking for quality Toronto storage, you should give us a call at 1-888-670-6794.

What You’re Forgetting When Decluttering Your Home

decluttering your home

Nothing ruins the feel and comfort of a home more than unnecessary clutter. It can make you feel as though you are drowning and keep you from wanting to come home at all. You might not realize it but there is one thing that you are missing when you tackle decluttering your home and knowing could change the way you tidy forever.

The One Thing You’re Forgetting To Do When You Declutter

We’ve been cleaning out our basement and storage room to make space for family coming to stay with us (nothing motivates you like a deadline, right?).

Honestly, I love it. I love organizing our stuff and even better, finding things to get rid of! Every time we give away or sell things we don’t need, I feel like a weight has lifted off of me…READ MORE HERE…

If you need even more help decluttering your home, give us a call. Valet Storage can come right to your door and pick up anything you would like to have put into Toronto storage.

To learn more about our special services or to book an appointment, give us a call at 1-888-670-6794.

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