Almost A Hoarder? Get Tips

toronto storage solutionsIf you are what we will call a “hoarder lite” you probably need a little help with decluttering your home. It can be hard to part with things, especially if they hold any sentimental value but we can’t let our “collections” overrun our lives.

Here are some storage solutions that you can use to cut back on the clutter:

Decluttering Tips from an Aspiring Hoarder

I have a confession to make. I like the tv show Hoarders. And not only do I like this show… I relate with it. If you watch you know that in every episode the hoarder agrees to help a huge team of people clean out their space. They usually do well for an hour, agreeing to throw away clutter that they didn’t even know they had. After a little while there is always a breakdown. The hoarder usually refuses to throw away a broken, expired, or damaged item and their organizer tries to explain to them why they really shouldn’t keep it. Next comes yelling, sometimes crying and often they storm out the front door…READ MORE HERE…

If you have come to the realization that you need more than some simple DIY deluttering storage solutions, it might be time to give Valet Storage a call. We will provide you with packing materials and even do all of the lifting and driving for you. No other company offers the full service treatment like we do and all of your sentimental items will always be safe and secure. To learn more or set up an appointment, give us a call today.