8 Tips To Take The Pain Out Of Moving

toronto storage for moving

Moving can be complicated, messy and expensive (but not if you work Toronto storage into the equation). That is why you need to empower yourself with some handy tips that you can use right now to make your move go smoother.

We found this great article that will get you started with some of the best tips out there:

Moving? Don’t start packing without these 8 painless tips

There’s no denying it: Moving can be a real pain. In fact, people dread it so much that 61 percent of adults list moving homes as more stressful than getting divorced.

If you’d rather subsist in your cramped old apartment than pack boxes, moving expert Manuela Irwin says there’s another way. Here, the author of “Relocating Without Breaking a Sweat” and specialist at MyMovingReviews shares her top tips for making the transition sans tears. Trust us — it’s possible. Follow these handy hacks to arrive at your new home stress-free…READ MORE HERE…

If you do want to get a Toronto storage unit to help make your move more organized there is no better company than Valet Storage. Our professionals will come to your current home and pack everything into the truck before taking it to your new storage unit.

Then, when you have moved and you are ready to start tackling your boxes just let us know and we will bring them straight to your door. This can really take the stress and pressure out of moving so if you are ready to set up an appointment or you have some questions you would like answered, just give us a call today.