5 Steps To Decluttering Your Child’s Room

storage unitsStorage units
are a great way to get things you don’t use every day out of the way but there are some rooms where this is just not a viable option and one of those rooms is your child’s.

I know it can seem like quite the daunting task but there are few things more rewarding than organizing and decluttering the rooms of your children. Those hives of activity with their colorful toys strewn all about can be pretty overwhelming but you know the saying about everything in its place? Well, it’s a great rule of thumb to live by.

Step ONE: Make it a family project

Include your kids in the decisions and the cleaning. They can learn a lot and after all, it’s their pile of toys, why should
you have all the fun?

Step TWO: Rules, rules and more rules

Before you start actually decluttering your child’s room, set the rules. Be sure that everyone participating in the clean up understands these guidelines. It will make for an easier go of things once things start hitting the trash pile.

Step THREE: If it’s broken it’s a goner

Any toys that are broken or games that are missing pieces automatically get thrown out. This should be a hard and fast rule as it’s a great way to really buckle down on what is important enough to be taking up room on the shelves.

Step FOUR: Don’t forget about charity

Decide which toys your children either have grown out of or that they no longer play with, those go into the charity bin. There is no reason to throw out perfectly good toys when you can donate them to a thrift shop where new children can have fun with them.

Step FIVE: Spruce things up

Purchase some decorative boxes to store small toys in on shelves while buying some larger bins that you can slide under the bed. This will open up a lot more storage options while keeping everything looking neat and organized.

These are just some quick and easy steps to decluttering a child’s room. This will give you a solid start to making the most out of the space you have.

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