5 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home

declutter your homeHave you ever felt like you were drowning in clutter but with no motivation to go through those old boxes and pack up your old furniture for storage? Don’t worry, help is on the way. It is possible to declutter your home. Honest.

The following are some easy to follow ideas that will help you declutter your home and your life:

Make a list

Starting with a goal in mind is always the best way to get going on any project and decluttering your home is no different.

Make a list of the areas in your home you want to work on and then pick one. Next, pick an area in that room and start there. Clear the area of clutter and mess and expand from there.

Ask important questions

One of the most important questions you can ask yourself while you are decluttering is, does everything have a function? If your home is filled with things you like well enough but you never use, get rid of them.

You can have a garage sale and make money extra money, sell your items online, give things away to friends and family or donate them to charity. As long as you clear them out of your house, they are just taking up space.

Use the rule of five

This goes along with the point above. In each room you work to declutter, get rid of five things that you don’t use.

Tidy your desk

Your workspace is just as important as any other space in your life. If you want to work efficiently and in an orderly fashion you need to keep the area clean and clear of clutter.

A great tip for clearing off your desk is to put everything on it and in it in a box. Then, as you need things take them out of the box and put them away in the proper spot in your desk. This will give you a clear picture of what has been doing nothing but taking up space.

Get a Toronto storage unit

If you find that at the end of decluttering your home, you still have too much stuff, it’s time to consider getting outside storage help. Valet Storage can help you with all of your storage needs in Toronto.

We will come to your home and pick up your items and take them to your storage unit. Then, when you want something back, just log onto our site or give us a call and tell us what we should bring to your door. It’s as easy as that.

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