10 Steps To A Stress Free Move

stress free moveYou know that moving is hard, sure, but did you know that it doesn’t have to be? With the right tips at your disposal you can have a stress free move.

The following article is one we found that is sure to help you with a stress free move. It will show you the 10 steps you need to plan to make sure things go smoothly.


Moving is right up there with death and divorce when it comes to stressful life events. It requires physical effort – sorting and packing – and mental effort – hiring a mover and saying goodbye to friends, says Dr. David Posen, a physician in Oakville, Ont., who specializes in stress management and is the author of Staying Afloat When the Water Gets Rough (Key Porter, 2005). “The question to ask is not, How is this going to work out? The question is, What can I do to make this work the best way possible?” We’ve turned to the experts to bring you 10 strategies to make every stage of your move as easy as possible…READ MORE HERE…

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